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Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage (NAS) is a high capacity storage device that allows more hard disk space to a network. It facilitates access of files to authorized network users from their personal computers or mobile devices. Network attached storage (NAS) has many benefits for the small businesses. It is a simple easy to use the device and does not require the user to be a technical expert. It is very affordable suiting the budget of the small businesses. NAS devices have their own operating system that has functions only of file storage, file transfer, user access and smooth running of the device. It follows the standard login practice of ID and passwords. The users can set up group permissions on folders with limited access.

The NAS device also has its own CPU and memory. Data can be stored and retrieved easily and is accessible from anywhere allowing the users to work remotely at any time. Network attached storage (NAS) removes the fear of data loss due to server failure. The device offers backup solutions that guarantee that the data is always available as and when any user requires it. Network attached storage (NAS) users gain an advantage over their competition as it allows easy accessibility, improves customer service, raises the reach of collaborative work within a business.

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