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What is Nginx hosting?

Nginx hosting is similar to Apache and is a high performance reverse proxy open source HTTP server. It is an event based web server, designed to direct traffic to desired server location depending upon its configuration files. In order to install Nginx one needs to remove Apache if the same happens to be installed by default on your server. Nginx is extensively used by developers for SMTP, IMAP, POP3, HTTP, and HTTPS as reverse proxy server.

Majority of distinct features of Nginx as far its high performance is concerned are concerned can be attributed to its use of event driven architecture in contrast to a threaded model. Nginx is not only appreciated for remarkable concurrency but is also able to handle requests with a negligible memory footprint. Nginx allows ease of configuration as per user requirements and is a robust and fully documented solution that is ideal for handling small as well as large amounts of traffic.

Nginx is distributed under 2-clause license and bundled with OpenBSD. It is the second most frequently used web server owing to its outstanding capability of handling large volumes of traffic. It is extensively used for controlling server loads and serving dynamic website content.