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Enterprise Cloud Backup

Enterprise cloud backup is basically a kind of cloud backup service which is designed to manage and operate businesses backup needs and services. It permits a company to backup all applications, devices and in-house data on the cloud infrastructure. In addition, it offers an ability of quickly recovering or restoring the data in natural calamities or disaster. 

Privacy and Data Security for Enterprise Cloud 

Security is one of the functions of cloud backup, so at the time of evaluation, limit the research to one which is a certified compliant along with international standards like ISAE 3000 Type II and SOC 1. The external audits asses every aspect of cloud infra, control and operations, such as physical security, firewalls, account management, network and storage infrastructure, facilities, and network configuration. 

In addition, encryption is likewise essential to data security; however, it isn't generally a certification of privacy and security of business information. This specific fact became obvious after NSA PRISM program was uncovered. In case, encryption keys are seized along with your information in cloud, a web hosting provider might be constrained to deliver the information under subpoena. Furthermore, there are worries regarding the capability of a rebel representative at provider, which have an access to your keys.

A few service providers do respond to such concerns via claiming to key 'escrow' and avail escrow service from third party and saving the same distinctly from the data; however, a subpoena might force hosting providers in order to generate customer data. 

For maximum privacy and security, two-factor encryption is a best solution. In such setup, encryption key is encrypted further utilizing the client admin credentials as well as token which are stored within the cloud. Clients can access these keys and data after authentication. For guarantee privacy, encryption key is demolished after customer session's end. 

IT Control and Visibility 

Any investment made in the enterprise cloud backup is your primary step in governance strategy and big data protection. Enterprise cloud backup services which go beyond backup in order to give new ways of increasing IT control and visibility in the server data are worth the consideration.