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Email hosting is a kind of internet hosting that helps organizations access the email hosting services of the service provider that operates email servers. Individuals and organization can access their website via World Wide Web. These web host companies provide spaces on their server on lease to their clients.

In business email is one of the more effective ways of communicating; the scope of web hosting varies greatly as the web page or small file hosting where the file can be uploaded, uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol). On the other hand, many large organizations need to be permanently connected to the web server to send files, emails etc. to other sites. They need to have dedicated email hosting servers for their operations.

Security is one of the biggest benefits here as email hosting provides a high level of security to all types of mailing system using tools like IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) which is a standard email protocol. It leaves messages on the server and the POP mail moves the message from the email server onto your local computer. It helps them ensure that no data gets lost and no unauthorized user has access to them.

Almost every service provider offering email server provides email services with anti-virus and anti-spam filters. These filters make sure that no unwanted mail or virus breaks through into the computer system.

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