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Enterprise Information System

A system designed for integration of business processes for enhancing the efficiency of an organization is regarded as an Enterprise Information System (EIS). It involves complex processes in order to deal with voluminous business critical data and caters to all levels of an organization.

Generally, EIS is used by large corporate of Multi-National Companies for streamlining their operations.

EIS is also adopted to streamline Customer Relationship Management as well as Supply Chain Management by many enterprises. Basic objectives of EIS, apart from business process integration, are the improvement of productivity by reducing service cycles related to marketing, product life, and service.

In order to reduce the incidence of information disintegration due to the presence of several information systems within an enterprise, EIS aims to create a standard data structure. EIS has excellent adaptability unlike legacy systems and is not restricted to specific departments within the organization. Information system software is operated by Enterprise Information System.

EIS Consists of:

- Mainframe transaction systems
- Relational databases
- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

Business critical data of an enterprise is stored in EIS tier. This mission critical data can be accessed and managed by Internet-enabled enterprise applications.

Some of the applications that cross the boundaries of the enterprise such as Content Management Systems can also be included in Enterprise Information System. EIS can run on enterprise software and can be hosted in one or multiple data centers

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