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The XEON is a 400-MHz Pentium microprocessor that was manufactured by Intel. It is mainly used for workstations and enterprise servers. When you use a motherboard from Intel, you can use up to 8 Xeon processors. They can perform multiprocessing functions by sharing a single 100 MHz bus. The Xeon is founded on the P6 architecture of the Pentium microprocessor. The Xeon has also been designed to work with the faster and newer Peripheral Component Interconnect bus. It comes with a larger Accelerated Graphics Port chip set that is called the 440GX AGP Set. The Xeon also has a better server memory architecture which can support 36-bit addresses and allows up to 64 GB physical memory.

The most striking feature of these processors is their support for the ECC memory. This is very necessary for systems which demand a high degree of reliability and uptime. Some applications benefit a lot when they have multiple processor cores and high memory bandwidth. Systems with more than a single CPU is the best option but processors like Core series do not support these. However, Xeon supports this feature; each of the CPUs here will have its own memory modules and memory controller, processing core etc. Xeon CPUs also offer virtualization support.