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What is XWiki CMS?

XWiki CMS offers robust support for content creation. XWiki was originally started with focus on building a solution that would have outstanding ability to handle unstructured content that is usually part of plain Wiki pages as well as structure content that is the results due to form filling by users.

XWiki is open source free software project that offers an outstanding platform to develop collaborative applications by leveraging Wiki paradigm. It is written in Java and consists of advanced permissions management feature in addition to design emphasis on extensibility.

XWiki blends the most attractive characteristics of first generation Wikis and second generation Wikis. It is able to collaborate the content and also capable of creating collaborative web applications.

XWiki CMS allows page editing with help of a simple Wiki syntax for creating tables, text formatting, image display, and link creation. Users can also access WYSIWYG editor for editing pages as an alternative.

Feature of version control facilitates saving of any change made in XWiki. It allows viewing of any previous version of page if you need to track back to any previous version or to compare different versions. XWiki enables users to define authorities to individuals for editing, viewing, or deleting pages. The rights can be applied to any page or the entire Wiki.