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X2CRM is a compact and user friendly Customer Relationship Management software application, which is exclusively designed for small enterprises. X2CRM application is regarded for its intuitive interface that is marked by a low learning serve for getting started. This enterprise level CRM application can empower organization to streamline and organize entire gamut of processes including marketing, sales, and customer services.

You can look forward to establish robust and long term customer relationships while improving your revenue earnings per client. X2CRM hosting also facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among employees of organization. Thanks to its powerful and out of the box attributes, X2CRM is extensively used for multiple functions including monitoring web traffic, delivering various marketing campaigns and creating detailed reports to name a few.

Since an important resource such as a CRM needs to be easily accessible by its users, cloud server providers boost X2CRM hosting with multiple hosting features. X2CRM can run smoothly on smart phones, iPads, or other devices. X2CRM is designed to support email marketing campaigns and route leads based on business rules. It also helps engage with prospects in addition to corresponding with them and can capture web leads too. You can use X2CRM for generating sales quotes and prices.