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Linux Server

A Linux Server is an efficient, high-powered variant of the Linux open source operating system (OS). It was designed to handle the ever-increasing demands of business applications, such as database management, web services, and system and network administration. Some examples of Linux server OS are Ubuntu server, Debian, Slackware, etc.

Among all operating servers, Linux is considered the best because it eliminates the need for a graphical user interface. All commands in Linux can be executed via command prompt. This helps users to gain the maximum system performance.

There are several other benefits that Linux offers. Here are some of them:

- It offers top-quality security through efficient firewalls and versatile file access permission systems.

- It can manage huge user volumes along with parallel connections.

- It has the ability to run multiple tasks or programs simultaneously.

- Since it is an open source, the source code is readily available to all users. Thus, they can customize it according to their needs.

- It offers exceptional networking features and is customizable to several apps, while being completely safe.

- Virtually all updates in Linux are applied without taking the system offline, and so there is no downtime. Also, these servers rarely require a restart to complete updates or correct errors.

- It does away with the need for periodic reboots to maintain its efficiency levels. If accurately configured, Linux servers can generally operate till system shutdown or hardware failure.

Both Dedicated Server and VPS server are available in Linux.