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Lychee is designed to offer a secure and free photo management solution to enable online display of pictures in a compelling way. Users of Lychee hosting are allowed full control of images and the way these are arranged for the viewers. Lychee enables ease of searching, removing, uploading, renaming, and moving images.

Lychee hosting guarantees security of your images and enables options of private and public viewership at the click of button. Your viewers will enjoy using Lychee for its user friendly navigation features that help scrolling easily to the subsequent images without use of arrow keys. Luchee can seamlessly run on cloud VPS hosting to facilitate easy and quick installation in few seconds flat. It offers convenience of a native applications while uploading, managing, and sharing images.

You can execute all actions related to uploading, editing, or renaming of images, right from your browser. The sharing facility provided by Lychee image gallery solution allows a single click facility for making the images available to public. Alternatively, you can also make your images secure by implementing password protection functionality provided by Lychee image gallery application. Lychee is an entirely open source open source application that is designed to run on individually owned and operated servers for greater security and controls.