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Linux Servers

A Linux Server is a strong, high-powered variant of the Linux Open source Operating System (OS). It was designed to handle the more challenging tasks of business applications like database management, web services, network and system administration, etc. Gentoo, Ubuntu, CentOS, Slackware, Debian-these are some examples of Linux server operating systems.

There is no requirement of a graphical interface in Linux servers. All the commands can be executed through the command prompt-which helps the user achieve optimum system performance.

Most users prefer Linux servers over others. This is due to their many advantages, such as:

- They offer exceptional networking features. Also, they are customizable to several applications, along with being completely safe.

- The user does not have to face downtime since all the updates are done virtually, without taking the system offline.

- Many developers keep reviewing the source code of Linux. This means that its efficiency is on an ever-increasing curve, and there is elimination of bugs, enhancement of security, and boost in performance.

- These servers support multi-tasking.

- The best kind of technical support is available for these servers.

- Being an open source, the code is available to all users. So they can easily customize it to fit their requirements.

- There is no need for periodic reboots.

- These servers offer consistent high performance and can easily manage huge volumes and parallel connections.