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What is GetSimple CMS?

GetSimple CMS is an open source Content Management System (CMS). It was developed by Chris Cagle who was looking for a CMS that would be a powerful as WordPress but far easier to use. So, the primary goal of this software is simplicity and ease of use.

It is based on the PHP programming language. To store content, this software uses XML files. It is a flat file CMS, as opposed to other CMSes that use MySQL databases.

While Cagle still presides over the GetSimple project as a senior developer, many others have joined the GetSimple team and an active community contributes plugins, themes, and translations. The primary motive of GetSimple was to create small websites. However, it is perfectly suitable for medium to large websites as well. This is on account of its extendible platform via plugins and themes. It has superb security features too.

It has a pretty simple 5-minute installation and some web hosts offer pre-installed GetSimple to their clients. It can be used immediately post installation. Since March 2013, it has been downloaded over 120000 times.

Its target groups are the organizations, individuals, and companies that require a small to middle sized website for their business needs.