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Global File System

A Global File System is a collection or clustered system of files shared between multiple computers for the concurrent use of the block device. Global File System is designed to facilitate every system to read as well as write to the block device and enables all systems in the block to view the changes made by any system. In essence, a GFS is able to read and write to the remotely located block device as well as to a localized file system. It also allows the computers to maintain uniformity of file system by organizing input/ output.

Global File System caters to file sharing needs among multiple computers that are distantly located. Modern versions of GFS enable the creation of a globally accessible file system that does not depend on redirection to the storage device. These highly scalable file systems are able to distribute files from local cache by retaining the integrity of a single file system.

Global File Systems have the sound ability to scale up in response to the object storage and building a unified repository in the object storage by using stored snapshots. The positioning of the target systems and latency can influence file access. Except for the direct access to data by nodes, GFS is almost similar to a Distributed File System.

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