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A virtual private server (VPS) is a kind of machine which is virtualized and is traded as some form of service by the hosting service companies of internet. A virtual private server executes its own private operating system and customers are provided administrator access to a single instance of that part operating system. It is done so that the customers are able to install the software of their choice and determine their performance using the utilities which the trust. For all purposes a virtual private server is more or less similar to a dedicated server. The difference between the two is that a virtual server is made through software while a dedicated server is a separate piece of hardware with no intervention of any third party. 

The pricing of VPS hosting in India is quite lesser than that of dedicated hosting because of the reason in dedicated hosting one has to pay price of the whole server. While in case of virtual private hosting in India one has to pay only for the price of the percentage of server over which his actual private server is emulated using specialized virtualizations software. So, the cost is shared by many users therefore per user cost becomes lesser. Virtualization of a server is done by dividing a single server using spatial simulation software so that they may appear to be working as separate machines. For the virtualization to be made possible a software known as hypervisor is executed; the task of which is to manage, release, and create the resources of operating systems which are acting as guest or we can say as virtual machine. The hosting of VPS server hosting in India is done as an extension towards the hosting services of web based utilities.

Many kind of challenges lie in the path of VPS hosting and are to be considered by the actual utilizer of that particular service. Depending upon the size of business one has to make a choice between VPS hosting in India than that of dedicated server hosting in India. One has to calculate all the factors and constraints regarding his web requirements before making an investment either into a VPS hosting server or in a dedicated hosting server.