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Virtual Server Backup

The term virtual server backup is the act of making a copy of the data which is stored over a virtual server so that prevention of data loss could be done. The accomplishment of virtual server backup is performed using traditional software of backup. For the process of virtual server backup one must install the software for backing up on every machines having the virtualization enabled on them. In this way the backups shall execute like it happens in any normal backup system.

This approach of backing up the data is quite fascinating as a virtual copy of the original data is always preserved at a data center which is far away from the original data center. Sometimes virtualization cause a web server to act as a piece of server lying in the parent server but in reality they are existing only a single piece of machine which is acting as if two machines for their functional usage. Hence a virtualization technique aimed at creating a backup is stored in the same server having virtually being made two or more divisions. The requirement of virtualization are some proprietary software fees which has to be paid and this may make the process of virtual server backup an expensive act. The act of virtual server backup is a professional procedure which has to be performed over the service which have been made virtualized. It is a similar process like that of normal backup but the differences is it is performed over a virtualized machine.

The purpose of backup is to be able to recover the data after it gets lost by either through corruption or deletion. The loss of data is a very common which happens with most of the uses of personal computers. Microsoft has done a survey over the loss of data and has found that more than two third of the users have either at one point of their life have lost their precious stored files due to corruption of data. Also some of the nationality is of the world have come up with laws which force the vendors to retain the backup of their data up to a certain time limit. These data retention policies have also contributed to the upsurge in the number of online businesses going for virtual server backup.