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Virtual Private Cloud

VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is a logically separated portion within a public cloud infrastructure. Here a user can launch his resources like software or hardware as per his business needs. He has full control of his own networking environment and he can select his IP address range, create more subnets, route table configuration, network gateways and much more.

As VPC is a part of public cloud, its infrastructure is also managed by the public cloud vendor. The resources or services allocated to a particular customer will not be shared by any other customer.

VPC is quite secure and flexible; a user can create multi-layer security system including different security groups etc. He can easily customize his network configuration by creating different subnets like public facing subnet for web server which can access internet. The other system is a private facing subnet where he can keep his back-end systems like databases or application server and there will not be any internet access possible.

VPC is a blend of security, flexibility and atomicity, which means, all development assets within it can be backed up, cloned and recovered as a single unit without affecting other users. This makes VPC appropriate for software development projects.