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Virtual hosting is a strategy for hosting various space names with discrete treatment of each name on a solitary server or pool of servers. Over the internet, virtual hosting is the arrangement of web server hosting administrations with the goal that an organization or individual doesn't need to buy and keep up its own particular web server and associations with the internet. A virtual hosting supplier is now and then called a web or internet "space supplier". This enables one server to share its assets, for example, memory and processor cycles, without requiring all administrations gave to utilize a similar host name. A few organizations giving this administration basically call it "facilitating". typically, virtual hosting gives a client who needs a website with: space name enlistment help, numerous domain names that point to the enrolled space name, an allotment of record stockpiling and registry setup for the web webpage documents such as HTML and other related supporting documents, email addresses, and, alternatively, website creation services. The term virtual hosting is normally utilized as a part of reference to web servers however the standards do persist to other web administrations as well.

One generally utilized application is shared web hosting. Shared hosting costs are lower than a dedicated web server in light of the fact that numerous clients can be hosted on a solitary server. It is likewise extremely regular for a solitary substance to utilize different names on a similar machine with the goal that the names can reflect services offered instead of where those organizations happen to be hosted. The virtual hosting client needs just to have a file transfer protocol (ftp) program for trading records with the virtual host.

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