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Virtual File System

A virtual file system or virtual file system switch is a reflection layer over a more solid file system. The motivation behind a VFS is to enable customer applications to get to various sorts of solid file systems consistently. A VFS can, for instance, can be utilized to get to nearby and organize capacity gadgets straightforwardly without the customer application seeing the distinction. It can be utilized to connect the distinctions in windows, Mac OS and UNIX file systems, so applications can get to files on neighborhood file systems of those sorts without knowing what kind of file system they are getting to.


A virtual file system determines an interface (or an "agreement") between the bit and a solid file system. Hence, it is anything but difficult to include bolster for new file system sorts to the part essentially by satisfying the agreement. The terms of the agreement may change inconsistently from dropping point to point of reflection, which would require that solid file system bolster be recompiled, and potentially adjusted before recompilation, to enable it to work with another arrival of the working system; or the provider of the working system may roll out just in reverse perfect improvements to the agreement, so solid file system bolster worked for a given arrival of the working system would work with future renditions of the working system. 

Now and then virtual file system alludes to a file or a gathering of files; but not really inside a solid file system that goes about as a sensible compartment which ought to give the usefulness of a solid file system through the utilization of programming. Cases of such compartments are a solitary file virtual file system in an emulator like PCTask or WinUAE, Oracle's Virtual-Box, Microsoft's Virtual PC, VMware.

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