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What is Twiki?

Twiki, as the name suggests, is a powerful flexible and user friendly enterprise wiki as well as an enterprise collaboration and web application platform. Being a structured wiki, Twiki allows its use as a document management system, space for project development, or a knowledge base.

Twiki has been able to rise above the 'one webmaster syndrome by fostering smooth flow of information across distributed teams within the organization. Twiki also facilitates users with little of=r no programming skills to create web applications.

Although a Twiki website has similar appearance of a normal site, it offers a link at the bottom of every web page for editing. This enables anybody to edit content or change topic. Twiki finds itself installed behind firewalls of several organizations including small enterprises as well as large fortune 500 corporate organizations.

Compared with a plethora of commercial groupware systems including Lotus Notes, Twiki is certainly more user friendly. Twiki is deployed in different categories of applications. It offers shared workspace by allowing management of content by different employees for a more democratic appeal.

Twiki can also be used for development and designing of document software projects and can also be used for tracking of features and issues.