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Tomcat Apache

The Tomcat Apache is basically an application server which was produced by the Apache Jakarta Project. This application server was primarily designed for executing Java servlets and offer web pages which use the Java Server coding. It was developed by the Apache Software Foundation which does this task and it came to be described as "reference implementation" of Java Server Page specifications.

Tomcat was conceived as an outcome of the collaboration amongst multiple developers and can be downloaded from the Apache website both in source and binary versions. Tomcat Apache can be used either on its own as a standalone service with its own web server or in collaboration with other servers such as Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server or Netscape Enterprise Server.

The Apache Tomcat is often popularly referred to as Tomcat and it is an open-source server implementing Java EE specifications such as Java Server Pages or JSP, Java Servlet, WebSocket and Java EL. It offers a "pure Java" environment so that the Java code can operate. Among its many advantages, Tomcat is known to be extremely lightweight as an application. It gives the basic functions needed to run servers and offers relatively quick loading and deployment times in comparison to its competitors. Its open source and so free of cost; it is therefore easily accessible to anyone keen to download it. It comes with many built-in customization features making it very flexible and yet stable.