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TaskFreak is a user friendly task and project management software application that provides comprehensive support of to-do lists in addition to time tracking attributes to ensure timely completion of tasks. Users are also allowed to prioritize tasks according to deadlines with help of TaskFreak hosting. It lets you create tasks with remarkable ease of completing a short form. Users can organize their workloads by viewing past tasks as well as planning future tasks.

TaskFreak hosting can be used for setting permission levels for different users to enable appropriate access. In order to ensure faster performance of TaskFreak project and task management solution should be hosted on managed VPS hosting that allows excellent security as well as privacy of hosting in addition to speed and greater resource availability.

TaskFreak is written in PHP and is regarded as a simple yet efficient web based task management solution. It is a feature rich task management offering, which is GTD compliant and can be easily set up with SQLite or MySQL. TaskFreak is also compatible with PHP4 as well as PHP5. TaskFreak web application cannot be run on computer as a native application and should be installed on a web server based on Linux or Windows.