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What is Storage Area Network?

In computer networking, Storage Area Network (SAN), also known as System Area Network, is a type of Local Area Network (LAN) that manages the huge volume of data transfer and mass storage of digital information. Typically equipped with hosts, switches, and interconnected storage devices, it supports data storage, retrieval, and replication on business networks by using superior servers, multiple disk arrays, and interconnected technology.

The Storage Area Network is usually used to:

- Enhance application availability

Improve application performance

- Increase storage utilization and effectiveness

SANs are also used in a company's Business Continuity Management (BCM) activities. They also make storage devices available to a host as if the storage appears to be locally attached. This abridged presentation of storage to a host is consummate by making use of the variety of virtualization.

SANs are typically based on Fibre Channel technology that uses the Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) for the open system and proprietary variants for mainframes. Besides, the use of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) allows moving FC traffic across existing high-speed Ethernet infrastructures, coverage storage, and IP protocols onto a single cable.

Implementation of SAN

Although implementing a SAN disaster recovery system can cost you huge, but the amazing efficiency and quick results it offers can cover the cost right away. In order to make sure that the data don't get corrupt, a SAN utilizes very protective disk applications. The greatest advantage of implementing a SAN is that it doesn't require frequent upgrades. Simply implement a SAN system and about it as it would itself do the wonders. It provides centralized storage network and offers better speed and performance than the bundle of individual servers combined together to make a storage network.

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