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SugarCRM Hosting has been designed to work on a LAMP stack that comprises Linux Operating System, Apache web server, MySQL database, and PHP. Most Linux hosting plans work well with SugarCRM installation. While it is flexible enough to work with Windows servers when attached to MySQL database, many users do not consider it an optimal setup.

It provides users with choice between software delivery models. It can be deployed among multiple clouds, acquired in an appliance, or installed on the premises. It offers the users an SLA with 99.5% uptime. However, it is the responsibility of the user to report downtime. Also, unlike competitors, it does not offer uptime or online performance visibility.

In place of the traditional multi-tenant architecture, it uses a multi-instance one. In this, it employs a shared services model for IT infrastructure and hardware while providing each user with their own database and application instance. This enhances portability and flexibility for the user.

SugarCRM hosting can be facilitated from datacenters around the world through its international partner network. Its flexibility protects users from vendor lock-in and allows them to work with a public cloud that meets all their requirements like SLA objectives, internet performance, and uptime reliability.