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SSL Certificate

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate provides a secure link between a visitorís browser and a website. They are also popularly called digital certificate. An SSL ensures that all the data that passes through the link remains private and secure. SSL encrypts the complete information that is exchanged between the two parties. By doing this, it safeguards the client information like the credit card details or bank account details etc.¬†

Encryption is a process of sending the information in coded form using alphabets and numbers. Even if the hackers intercept the messages, they cannot decipher and misuse the information. 

When you sell products online, one of the mode of payments that customers can choose is through credit cards. Unless they are assured of security, they may not wish to reveal their card details and would rather move to a website that has the SSL certificate and is secure. Even otherwise, an SSL certificate will add to your business reputation and credibility. 

The SSL certificate is issued by a Certificate Authority(CA) after authenticating the buying companyís identity. The CA uses the WHOIS database information and other relevant identity sources like articles of association, government-issued photo ID etc. to make sure your company is legitimate, and people can safely do business transactions.¬†

Consumers will trust your business and have the confidence to part with their financial information that is needed to close a transaction. When a certificate is installed on your server on completion of payment, your server will show an https instead of the normal http. There will also be a green color padlock sign in the browser. 

You can view the details of the SSL certificate by clicking on Secure and selecting ďView CertificateĒ. The SSL certificates can be of different types and carry different levels of encryption. It is important to check the certificateís compatibility with the various types of browsers.¬†