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SPIP is open source Content Management System that attaches special significance to collaborative working and is highly evolved since it was first launched in 2001. SPIP is well established CMS application that allows page building even if users are not having any HTML experience. SPIP is commonly used by magazine and news sites for insertion of articles since it allows fair level of hierarchy.

SPIP hosting powers large number of academic as well as institution sites and provides intuitive user interface in addition to fully customizable templates. SPIP possesses built-in caching functionality in order to accelerated page load speeds and also enables separation of tasks for an enhanced work flow.

SPIP is primarily focused on collaborative editing and is highly sought after by news and magazine sites since it facilitates ease of article insertion with a fair provision of hierarchy. SPIP is also referred to as a web based publishing system that allows articles to be laid out without depending on HTML.

SPIP CMS is should be hosted in top tiered data center services for its ideal performance. SPIP hosting offers an extremely simple user interface for ease of site updating. SPIP also allows editors of the website to enrich site's content via a graphical interface and provides convenience of executing all tasks with help of common browsers.