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Social Network Hosting

Social Network Hosting allows users to build and operate social networking platforms using various software options. Such services are also called vertical social networks. Users can utilize them to make purpose-built social networking sites, such as Twitter or Facebook. They can further facilitate their clients to connect with each other and share hobbies and interests.

This type of hosting helps clients design customizable user profiles and set channels of communication among the various subscribers. Also offered are commonly used platforms like Buddy Press that can help the user to have their social networking site up and operational within just a few minutes.

Using high speed servers and redundant network, these services ensure faster page loads. Since safety and security are key in a social networking service, the hosting service provides outstanding security measures to keep the site safe from hackers. They also offer options like scalable storage and bandwidth choices to ensure uninterrupted availability of the sites. On-the-house SSH access from reputed companies are also offered to users.

This is a niche networking service that offers its users the ability to create niche groups of users. Some examples of this type of service are Ning, SocialGO, IGLOO software, KickApps, etc.