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Shared Web Hosting Service

Shared web hosting service is one of the most famous hosting solutions that are bought from plenty of hosting companies all across the globe. Steep size of shared solutions of the market often causes issues to the customers since many people purchase shared plans that are quite new to the web technologies. Usually, people do not know what things to look for when selecting a hosting plan.

Features of Shared Web Hosting -

Following are some of the features that are included in the shared hosting packages -

-- Uptime

It is basically a time when the website works over the internet and users could access the website without issues. It is calculated in the percentages from complete expected uptime (24 hours in a day and 7 days a week). Obviously, it depends in case your site is online all-the-time. Generally, you can buy shared web hosting if your business is not quite big and when you do not require 100 percent uptime. In such a scenario, 98 percent is the common level. When selecting the hosting plan, make sure to check about the uptime. Do not rely on the companies who say that they provide best servers with 100 percent uptime. In this case, you must read the forums or even ask your friends for the advice. Also, you must pay attention to security features that are included in plan.

-- Traffic and Disk Space: The Essentials

For this, you need to start with basics. In order to host the website over the internet, you require disk space to be used for things, such as databases, media and various code files. So, here you require disk space. If your website is smaller, then this feature will have least importance. Now, when you have hosted a few files as well as made them in the website, you will require users in order to access the data. Here is when the bandwidth arises. Most of the web hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth; however, restrict the traffic speed. Therefore, you need to pay a response to the traffic speed and bandwidth when looking for shared web hosting plan. The large the website is, the more disk space it will require.

-- Support

It is one of the most important features of shared web hosting. In case, you are new to the hosting, then you must need support. Hence, it is advisable to browse the internet and check the forums and reviews regarding the same.