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Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreement is an agreement between the customer (internal or external) and the service provider. The SLAs document specifies the services provided by the provider and the performance standards that the latter has to maintain. SLAS specifies the performance and availability for different customer infrastructure. It is widely used in the field related to the information technology, the companies that establishing SLAs includes Information technology service providers.

The Service Level Agreement is created by an IT department to measure and justify the services in comparison to the outsourcing vendors. The service providers are in the need of SLAs as they get into agreement with the customers. It is incorporated with the master service agreement by the service providers. The agreement is transparent as it is more specific about the services being provided and the metrics that is being used to measure the performance.

The SLAs includes the following:

- The response time of the application is mentioned

- Duration for which the services will be made available

- Usage statistics are specified clearly

- Response time given by the help desk for various problems

- Benchmarks for specific performance

- Advance notification of the change of network