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As the name itself implies, SEOToaster is an easy to build, and easy to use CMS with SEO functionalities. It is open source and free to download CMS platform that helps your build your website quickly and easily. You need not install plugins for SEO tools to build websites that are search engine optimized. SEOToaster CMS hosting allows a central interface for easy management of multiple websites from a single platform. What\'s more, SEOToaster also provides ecommerce functionality with an extremely user friendly interface that helps creates product listings, checkout pages, and landing pages among others.

The wide spectrum of SEO functionalities offered by SEOToaster CMS Hosting include automated image tag labeling, automated deep linking, automated 301 creation, automated link and media integrity, just to name a few.

The dashboard of SEOToaster operates really fast enough for easy navigation of multiple options. The dashboard provides wide spectrum of functionalities for configuration management and it also supports template editing. SEOToaster can be hosted with cloud hosting providers to boost its performance. The website builder functionality of SEOToaster is remarkably fast since there are no graphics involved. Since SEOToaster is regarded for creating websites with high powered performance, it should be hosted on reliable servers with guaranteed uptime availability.