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Quad-core is a processing chip that has four independent cores that have capabilities to read and execute the commands of the central processing unit (CPU). Each of the core also can perform multiple instructions at one time thereby enhancing the overall speed. The speed variance does not mean that the quad-core is four times as fast as a single core. It depends on the nature of programs that are being run on the system and the compatibility it has with the hardware deployed on the system.

The system keeps performing multiple tasks in the background even if the user is not and they can benefit from the additional cores as it keeps the operating system active and responsive. The biggest advantage with the quad-core is its speed and its multi-tasking features. It can efficiently manage to execute different functions with ease. The quad-core CPU is successfully being used in applications like graphic, images, video editors and anti-virus programs. The quad core chips are compact, energy efficient and produce low heat. It is also more durable and sustain itself for longer durations. The quad-core processors have become common these days and are widely applied on both personal computers and mobile devices including tablets and smartphones.