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Public Cloud

The Public Cloud is the form of cloud computing in which one company depends upon any cloud service provider company for their computing services. The services like data storage, servers and applications are provided to the first party through the use of internet. This cloud computing can relief the companies from purchasing the private cloud and are surely easy to maintain and cost effective. The companies have their technical experts who work towards maintenance of the hardware and the software.

Public Cloud is known to be faster and have more accessibility and scalability. The companies that use these computing services can pay for the services on the monthly basis. The fixed monthly rental and quick services offered by the third parties make it very convenient for the first party use this cloud computing. These services are based upon the standard cloud computing, some of the features of this services include:

- Reliability: This is a reliable computing service as it is formed out of number of servers and networks due to which its services remain unaffected.

- Flexibility: This model is considered to be highly flexible as different services like IaaS, SaaS and PaaS all follow this computing service.