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Private Cloud

Private Cloud is the type of cloud computing which is perfect for the big business enterprises and the business that have unpredicted computing requisites. It provides complete security for the database where the access is given to specific clients only and there is no public sharing. This computing service is known to give similar facilities like that of Public cloud, the services provided include the self-service, multi-tenancy and scalability through proprietary architecture etc. This cloud service is dedicated to any single organization due to which there is no interference and complete security of the data.

The Private Cloud provides excellent service option within virtual environment. It is a great choice for any organization that requires the processing of private data or any sensitive task. Under this model, only a single organization gets an access giving greater privacy. This model can also be regarded as the traditional model where the access is being given to an individual only. This cloud service gives several benefits like as it is more reliable, security, more privacy and it is more cost effective. This computing gives added advantage of virtualization and therefore can be the preferred choice of computing among the business enterprises.