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Joomla! is an open source Web Content Management System (WCMS) that is freely available. The brand-name Joomla is derived from a Swahili word, meaning 'all together'. Joomla is built on Model View Controller framework and is written in PHP. Major features of Joomla! include search and support for language internationalization, RSS feeds, blogs, and caching.

The robust application framework of Joomla facilitates the creation of high-end add-ons to further expand the capabilities of Joomla! Developers can build the following application without hassles with core Joomla! framework:

- E-commerce sites
- Custom business directories
- Inventory management systems
- Online reservation systems

Joomla! WCMS can be downloaded and installed by users or it can be also availed by hosting service providers as a single click installation. One can build a simple website or a complex e-commerce site by using third-party extensions by extending core functionalities of Joomla CMS. Joomla! can be availed by individuals under GPL licensing system.

Joomla! WCMS is a preferred option for the variety of websites including secure log-in sites, corporate sites, blog sites, and small enterprises. Joomla! WCMS aims at helping developers build websites and powerful web applications. It is easy to install and there are many web hosting service providers that offer single click installation for quick deployment of the website. 

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