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Blogs, also called weblogs, are sites that have regular updates called posts which are individual entries. Blogs are considered a more attractive alternative to the creation of a static website since they evolve over a long time.

Blog hosting is a type of web hosting. When going for blog hosting, one has to decide if they want a blog with free hosting or are willing to work with a paid blog host. If the blog is just to interact with your friends and family, the free option is a good idea. Some free services are Blogger, Xanga, etc. These have easily usable interfaces that even a user with limited technical know-how would be able to utilize properly.

However, bloggers looking for generating supplemental income from their blog should ideally invest in paid blog hosting. A paid account offers benefits like domain name and customization features. Also, the user can run ads on their blogs for the revenue they will generate. Another benefit is that paid blog hosting will be able to accommodate larger volumes of traffic which is vital for generating money from the blog.

If the user is keen on posting images, videos, and affiliate ad links on their blog, they should inquire from their hosting provider beforehand.

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