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Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a type of hosting for websites on virtual servers that draw their computing resources from widespread, extensive networks of physical servers.

There are several benefits of Cloud Hosting. These are:

- Costing: This is utility style,wherein the client pays only for what they use.

- Scalability: Since there are no physical restraints of one server, in case there is a surge in client website traffic, the service provider can offer any extra resources seamlessly.

- Flexibility: The resources are available in real-time on demand and in case there is implementation of a new functionality, the provider ensures that the client has access to any resource they need.

- Reliability: Relief from dependence on a single server and the ability to realize resources, like disk space, from a vast network of underlying servers means there is no dilution of services even if one server goes down. This is because resources can be pulled easily from the other servers, which ensures that the client does not face any problems with their website.

- Physical security: These physical servers are housed in data centers, which employ stringent safety and security measures to safeguard them.The chances of anyone accessing or disrupting them are next to none.

- Load balancing: Since load balancing is software-based, it is instantly scalable to respond to any demands.

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