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bbPress is a software for forums that works similar to WordPress. bbPress hosting is an excellent option for those looking for a sophisticated and easy to use bulletin board software. The software has all the add-ons and features that are required for a simple integration and ease to use quality and speed. WordPress Plugin system can be used customize the forums through bbPress with all its features and functions.

Two critical requirements of bbPress hosting for forums are maximum uptime of servers and high speed. So it means the users require a very dependable hosting provider who guarantees 99.95% up-time. The second requirement is a reliable email hosting service. This is because every signup has to be acknowledged with a welcome email giving details of user ID and password or a registration link. The response has to be fast and accurate. bbPress does not consume much of the resources.

The first version of bbPress was released in 2004 and it was in 2010 it was further developed and refurbished as a WordPress plugin with all its latest coding standards. The software requires PHP 5.24 version or higher and MySQL 5.0 or higher version. Apache or Nginx are the ideal servers to run the bbPress.

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