Is Cloud Hosting a Good Option?

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Ishu Sharma
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Is Cloud Hosting a Good Option?

Postby Ishu Sharma » Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:43 am

Is Cloud Hosting a Good Option?

Imrat Khanna
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Re: Is Cloud Hosting a Good Option?

Postby Imrat Khanna » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:17 pm

Cloud hosting is a good option for a business which experiences sudden traffic spikes. It refers to a multitude of servers which are distributed across multiple locations. So, you can get computing resources from a massive resource pool which is fed by many servers. This helps to reduce the load on any one server and boost performance. When your business faces high traffic, the customers can scale up their plans. This is why cloud hosting appears to be well suited for large-scale operations.

When you sign up for shared hosting the resources are likely to be limited. If your website starts to expand, you will need more resources which shared plans cannot offer. So, you will be forced to upgrade your hosting plans. Incidentally, shared hosting providers can even put your site offline temporarily when the load becomes overwhelmingly big to manage. In this regard, cloud hosting is a far better and more reliable option because even when the site gets too much traffic, it will not slow down. When the load gets too large to handle by a single server, other servers on standby step in. this also helps to improve the site’s responsiveness to its clients. This is an important factor for Google because faster loading websites find higher rankings. For any business, a high rank in search engines is rather vital. It is likely to draw more visitors to the site and generate more revenues.

In spite of tall claims made by web hosting providers, there may be instances of downtimes that are unavoidable. Most providers offer guaranteed uptime of 99.9% but even then, you need to know how the downtimes work. When you sign up for cloud hosting, you will not have to deal with downtimes in the same way. Any one of these cloud servers may malfunction but that this is not going to prevent the site from functioning optimally. Power outages or hacking attempts cannot destroy data; the data in that server gets encrypted and is securely transferred to another server on standby. Cloud hosting will keep encrypted data in more than one server which is again distributed in various geographical locations. So, a major problem in one server cannot affect the smooth running of your site.

Finally, cloud hosting is a good option because it is environment-friendly. Earlier, businesses had to choose either dedicated or shared hosting. But with cloud hosting technologies emerging, businesses started to turn to the cloud. Most companies are able to embrace the cloud without much difficulty. When you use dedicated servers you will end up using too much energy. You will need electricity not simply for powering the servers but also cooling systems for cooling the heated servers. But, cloud hosting helps to reduce carbon footprint and is energy efficient.

Given all these factors it seems fair to choose cloud hosting because this form of hosting is unarguably a good and cost-efficient option. it offers a higher degree of flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings than you could expect to get from any other types of hosting.

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