What is the difference between data center and cloud?

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What is the difference between data center and cloud?

Postby ReganZack » Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:04 pm

What is the difference between data center and cloud?

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Re: What is the difference between data center and cloud?

Postby ZazieCrews » Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:06 pm

Data center could be interpreted in different ways. Firstly, a company can run in-house data center that is maintained by skilled IT employees. Secondly, it could refer to offsite data center, consisting numerous servers and other machines that are required to store the virtually and physically accessible data.

However, cloud computer does not exist prior the invention of internet. Cloud computing or hosting changed the way businesses used to work. Instead of storing the data locally over individual computers or network of the company, cloud hosting entails data delivery as well as shared resources through centralized and secure remote platform. Instead of utilizing own servers of the company, cloud places the resources in third-party enterprise, offering such service.

Data Center Vs Cloud Computing in Security

As cloud is external kind of computing, it might be not secure or need work in order to make sure the security than the data center. On the contrary, data centers are liable for the security and you would be reliable for your data on third-party service provider that might not have updated security certifications. If cloud is placed on different data centers at different locations, then every location will require proper measures in order to ensure security.

However, data center is connected with local network that makes easy to make sure that the ones, having verified equipment and credentials could access the information and stored applications. Although, the cloud can be accessed by anybody having proper credentials and an internet connection.

Data Center Vs Cloud Computing in Price

Cloud computing or hosting is a cost-effective choice for small businesses instead of data center. In the data center, you need to build infrastructure right from beginning and have to take the responsibility of administration and maintenance. Apart from this, the data center takes long in order to start and could cost businesses from USD 10 million- USD 25 million each year for the maintenance and operations.

However, cloud computing or hosting does not need the capital or time to run. Despite of this, many cloud hosting providers offer competitive subscription plans in order to meet the budget of customers and scale service to the real needs. It takes time to build the data center, whereas the cloud services are immediately available for the usage after registration.

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