What is Webhost Manager (WHM)?

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What is Webhost Manager (WHM)?

Postby Jiya Khan » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:08 pm

please explain this.

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Re: What is Webhost Manager (WHM)?

Postby admin » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:30 am

Web host manager is a web-based tool meant for the server administrators and/or resellers to set up, manage and operate their hosting accounts. It is a backend tool for all cPanel accounts. The sites having root access and reseller privileges use the WHM(web host manager) to manage several tasks like:

Server Configuration: WHM allows you to modify the basic setup, change the root passwords, construct Cron jobs, initiate network setup, edit server timings etc.

Create New Accounts: You can create new accounts by going to the Accounts function. Provide the users with a domain name, username, DNS and mail routing settings

Suspend/ Terminate an Account: When an account uses up more resources than that has been allocated to them or has been sending junk and spam mails or indulge in any illegal or immoral activities you have the control and power to suspend or terminate the account.
Manage emails: WHM allows you to view mail delivery reports of accounts and manage mail queues and edit MX entries.

IP Configuration: Add an IP address, view IP address usage, change a site’s IP address or delete IP address. You also can blacklist/whitelist IP address.

There are still many more features that WHM can manage. ComputeHost provides WHM to their customers giving them an enhanced user experience.
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