Some Risks of Cloud Computing and How to Deal with those?

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Imrat Khanna
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Some Risks of Cloud Computing and How to Deal with those?

Postby Imrat Khanna » Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:51 am

Some Risks of Cloud Computing and How to Deal with those?

Jiya Khan
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Re: Some Risks of Cloud Computing and How to Deal with those?

Postby Jiya Khan » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:02 am


Cloud hosting has become immensely popular in the current global scenario. Every business organisation, irrespective of its size, is opting for Cloud hosting service, because of its outstanding features and services, associated with its unbelievable pricing.

But is Cloud really free from all risk factors? No, there are some areas of concerns in Cloud hosting.

The main issues of concern are:

• Security- Security is the biggest issue in risks, in a Cloud. Cloud is a networking technology that is based on use of network, which is formed by multiple servers. This particular point in the technology makes Cloud vulnerable to Cyber attacks.

But, all modern systems of Information Technology are connected with each other, in one way or the other, through the internet.

This risk factor is manageable by the fact that Cloud computing is more easy to recover from any such attack, because of its distributed nature.

• Compatibility- There is still doubts whether the Cloud computing technology is compatible with the existing infrastructures of Information Technology. It prevents some of the larger organisations from adopting Cloud computing technology.

This issue can be easily addressed with the use of Hybrid Cloud. Hybrid Cloud can eliminate such worries.

• Availability- The data of the business organisations are stored in a Cloud. The business organisations are always apprehensive of the availability of data at the critical junctures.

It is always best to have the services of the top most Cloud hosting service provider company, such as ComputeHost, who will guarantee availability of data and services both, even during interruptions of bandwidth and DDoS attacks

• Compliance- Compliance is the real issue of concern in Cloud computing, since it is an issue beyond national borders. Servers are located in different countries, making the data reside in several remote locations. There has to be some legal issue regarding some data to be stored out side national borders.

This issue can also be handled successfully by Cloud hosting service provider, such as ComputeHost.

• Monitoring, Lock in and Standardisation- These are issues where every user may not have universal control. Data monitoring, lock in and standardisation are in the hands of the Cloud hosting service provider.

One must opt for the best and most reputed and reliable Cloud hosting provider, ComputeHost, to make Cloud computing, a risk-free affair.

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