How To Implement Cloud Hosing?

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Kewal Bhati
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How To Implement Cloud Hosing?

Postby Kewal Bhati » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:57 am

How To Implement Cloud Hosing?

Kaya Pandit
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Re: How To Implement Cloud Hosing?

Postby Kaya Pandit » Thu Aug 23, 2018 8:02 am

Cloud hosting is the hosting service of today. But it needs to be implemented properly to be effective. Cloud needs expertise to handle it. Cloud is a technology that requires continuous updates, latest functionalities and it needs to engage the business.

The user implementing Cloud hosting must make sure at first that Cloud fits in her/his business strategy. Any business that is averse for risk and is extra cautious in risk management, should avoid Cloud hosting. Cloud makes the user more functional, more mobile, be more cost effective, be more collaborative and become a company, that is more progressive in business.
The user must check her/his infrastructure first for implementing Cloud hosting. The infrastructure should be capable of handling Cloud. The infrastructure should be up to the mark.
The user must first decide as to what should go in the Cloud. The Cloud must be tested with the productivity tool set at first. The productivity tools should be deployed in the Cloud for longer period.
The user wanting to implement Cloud hosting must create a plan for transition at first. The user must know what she/he has now and what she/he is moving into. The user must then consider the dependencies, before and after moving to Cloud computing.
The user then has to create a plan for change in the organisational management. Implementing Cloud hosting means big changes in the organisation. The organisation must clearly understand the technological changes that will be brought in by Cloud. The methods of storage of data, the content sharing methods, the collaborations, everything has to be changed.
The risks must be eliminated and a smooth cut over should be performed. The existing running of business must not be disrupted. Thorough testing of every aspect of implementing Cloud must be done.
The capabilities and communications must be enhanced and improved, with implementing Cloud computing.

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