What is the difference between data center and cloud?

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What is the difference between data center and cloud?

Postby Kratika Kashyap » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:32 am

What is the difference between data center and cloud?

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Re: What is the difference between data center and cloud?

Postby Meghasoni » Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:34 am

Data Center –

It is a term that could be taken in different ways. Firstly, a business may run in-house data center that is maintained via trained IT staffs. Their job is keep the systems updated and running. Secondly, data center is often referred to as offsite storage center, consisting servers as well as other machines that are required to keep stored data, which is accessible physically as well as virtually.

Advantages of Data Center –

• Organizations can have in-house data storage
• Far reliant as compared to maintaining internet connection
• Data is easily accessible via local network
• In case, the location of organization face natural calamities like fire, flooding, earthquake, data will stay unharmed and untouched at the remote location.

Cloud Hosting –

Prior the internet came, cloud hosting or computing was not there. Simply, it could not. However, it is not going to be the future. As per the prediction, data centers in 2018 will start disable and the cloud storage would win this game. Cloud is basically online storage system that is uniquely designed in order to duplicate and fragment the data across various locations. In a scenario of failure, cloud systems make sure that there should be always backup of the data. In simple words, it is the only method anything on cloud could ever destroy if internet itself not exists for longer duration.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting –

• Google Drive and Microsoft Office 365 have embraced the ability of storing data online
• Businesses can store their data online and make it accessible every day
• With online data access, you will never cut off from the data when you have an access to the internet

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Re: What is the difference between data center and cloud?

Postby surnder kumr » Fri Jul 13, 2018 11:29 am

What is the difference between data-center and cloud?

Users often get muzzled about technical jargons and have a little idea sometimes what they are referring to. Same is the case for data center and cloud. Though both the terms are related to data storage, there is enough ambiguity for people to misinterpret. The following blog distinguishes how the two terms are more different than the same

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