What are dedicated servers?

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What are dedicated servers?

Postby navin33 » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:06 am

What are dedicated servers?

Imrat Khanna
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Re: What are dedicated servers?

Postby Imrat Khanna » Fri Jul 14, 2017 10:02 am

Dedicated servers are physical servers or computers running server-based software that run a number of services over the network, the most common use being running web hosting environment where webpages are hosted for websites. These servers are called “dedicated servers hosting” as they are completely assigned to deliver services to a single client.

In other words, a dedicated server is a server that is entirely reserved for an individual client; however, the client may host multiple websites of his/her own. That single server in the network is will be responsible to cater to the needs of all websites hosted on it only, and no other can share its resources in contrast to the Shared environment where resources are shared amongst a number of websites/clients. A server can be a computer that acts as a server and performs other tasks as well.

Types of Dedicated Server Hosting:

In hosting landscape, a dedicated server hosting is a space rented out by a web hosting services provider, usually called host, to a client. The host makes all necessary arrangements/environment for uninterrupted running of websites.

Advantages of a Dedicated Server Hosting

There are a number of benefits of using a dedicated server, such as:

• Enhanced reliability and performance
• Ultimate control and flexibility
• Resilience, minimal downtime
• Increased security and minimum risk of data loss, theft, leakage, and hacking
• Optimum stability as you will the sole owner of the server.

Disadvantages of a Dedicated Server Hosting

Unarguably, a dedicated server is an excellent choice for complex, large, and high traffic website, but it too has some shortcomings, like:

• Expensive as you won’t be sharing resources with any other clients.
• Dedicated server needs you to be a tech-savvy as you will be responsible for managing and configuring the server.

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