What Should Customers Know Before Colocating Servers?

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Manish Arya
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What Should Customers Know Before Colocating Servers?

Postby Manish Arya » Tue May 29, 2018 7:30 am

What Should Customers Know Before Colocating Servers?

Kratika Kashyap
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Re: What Should Customers Know Before Colocating Servers?

Postby Kratika Kashyap » Tue May 29, 2018 7:34 am

Server Colocation is defined as physically re-locating the servers from server room/office to completely managed data center offsite. It is beneficial for most of the companies; however, there are a few limitations and alternatives to co-locating servers.

Advantages –

• Less Capital Costs – Bandwidth availability/ power/ firewalls/ networking/ rack space/ cooling and more are provided by a data center on a monthly fee and these all are shared along with numerous customers.

• Security – Many hosting providers offer excellent physical security, such as biometric access, round-the-clock security guards and shared firewalls (network security).

• High Availability – Many data centers hire redundant power and network routes, centralized cooling facilities/ HVAC system, bandwidth lines from various hosting providers and more.

Many data centers contains centralized monitoring for every server hosted utilizing dedicated personnel in order to make sure that clients/customers get notified when an application/server is not available.

Scalability could be achieved instantly with no upfront capital expenses, as customers can rent more and more Rackspace for hosting additional servers.

It is much beneficial for critical applications’ hosting, as it is difficult as well as expensive to offer high network availability/ uptime with local data centers or small server rooms.

In server colocation, centralized IP KVM services are there with a few server co-location provider for easy remote administration.

Also, it minimizes recurring costs of possessing local manpower which is required to maintain/monitor the infrastructure of data center, in case servers are hosted on-site.

Server Colocation’ Alternatives –

• Hosting servers in your own data centers/server rooms – Hosting your servers on your own is the ideal option of maintaining and achieving reliability provided by the data centers. However, it might be an expensive option for small companies.

• Hosting your apps on cloud – It is the latest trend of storing data. Cloud hosting provider manages all the equipment needed in order to host servers at its location. You just have to upload the apps on their infra and consumed bandwidth as per hosting provider. It is an apt solution for enterprises which face sudden traffic on their websites can quickly downgrade and upgrade anytime according to the capacity.

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