Hosting a WordPress Site Using Google Cloud

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Hosting a WordPress Site Using Google Cloud

Postby Meghasoni » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:15 am

Hosting a WordPress Site Using Google Cloud

shonam singh
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Re: Hosting a WordPress Site Using Google Cloud

Postby shonam singh » Tue Dec 04, 2018 12:05 pm

Google Cloud refers to a cloud computing services which offers a wide variety of tools and products making it one of the leading providers of cloud computing solutions. Google Cloud has an infrastructure which has been designed in a way so as to make its sustainable for many years to come. This is why this cloud platform is secure, high-performing, economical and continuously evolving and improving. It also has powerful data analytical tools which can offer you answers speedily and help you build enhanced products. What enables Google Cloud to score ahead of its competitors is its automatic discounts when you show increased usage and per-minute billing features.

Steps to launch WordPress site on Google Cloud:

- When you have bought Google Cloud, you must log into the account and access Google Cloud Console. When you can find the Project drop down menu, you must choose “Create Project” option to get started. Here, you must fill in project fields such as the name, app engine location, billing account etc.

- When you have clicked on “Yes” so as to confirm that you agree to the terms and conditions stated, you can click on “Create”. You must choose the “Library” option under API Manager and then click on Cloud Deployment Manager under API Manager Library. Finally, you must click on “Enable” option.

- You are now ready to deploy the WordPress site. You must search for Cloud Launcher and then click on “WordPress” option. You will then be prompted to click on “Launch” in Google Compute Engine in the following screen.

- You are expected to finish filling in the WordPress deployment form in order to move on. You need to make sure you have checked boxes where you have to install the phpMyAdmin, or enable GCE monitoring for getting regular reports about services offered, or allow for HTTP and HTTPS traffic.

- To start installing the WordPress site you must choose the “Deploy” option. When WordPress finalizes the set-up, you are going to be sent to deployment-related information screen. You should maintain records of the username and password for WordPress. You should also keep records of the phpMyAdmin username and MySQL administrator.

- If you wish to visit the installation, you can click on “Visit WordPress site” option or enter IP address from the Site Address.
In this way, installing a WordPress site on GCP ensures continuous uptime for the website; you are free to scale up your resources on the go to handle increased traffic.

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