How to create a VPS from a Dedicated Server?

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How to create a VPS from a Dedicated Server?

Postby Moni Singh » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:40 am

How to create a VPS from a Dedicated Server?

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Re: How to create a VPS from a Dedicated Server?

Postby BaileyDomke » Mon Aug 20, 2018 11:43 am

A Virtual Private Server is basically virtualisation of a Dedicated server. A dedicated server is a physical computer machine, which is completely dedicated to a client to meet her/his entire hosting requirements.

A Virtual Private server is created from a physical machine, by using virtualisation software and the technology of virtualisation. This physical machine is divided in many virtual partitions, each of the partition being fully capable of having its own operating system and own set of applications. This enables each of the partition to function as a full-fledged server, capable of providing hosting service.

A Virtual Private server imitates the functionalities of a dedicated server. It also provides root access to its users. A Virtual Private server makes best use of its resources and enables a business to maximise its investment in hardware.

One needs to follow the following steps to create a Virtual private Server from a Dedicated server-

1. It is necessary to check if the physical machine is capable of meeting the requirement of hardware to function as a hypervisor.
2. Now the data and the appliance configuration, running on the present physical server, needs to be saved.
3. The hypervisor needs to be installed by inserting the disk in the reader.
4. The hypervisor console is now needed to be booted. The Virtual Machine has to be created, as per the instructions in the user’s manual. The RAM, the CPU power, the storage and the memory can be customised and scaled up or down, as per the requirement of the business of the user.
5. The operating system now has to be installed by using the image of the disk, which is stored on the drive of a hard disk. Now the appliance has to be configured and installed.
6. The entire process for all the appliances, those are required to be installed in the Virtual server, is now to be repeated.

Now the process of creating a virtual server from a dedicated server, is complete.

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