How is your data center protected against natural disasters?

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How is your data center protected against natural disasters?

Postby Jansi Jain » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:37 am

How is your data center protected against natural disasters?

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Re: How is your data center protected against natural disasters?

Postby MichelleDow » Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:47 am

Now, natural calamities are not freak occurrences. Frequency of the floods, sever cyclones and heavy storms have increased hugely in the recent decades that places not only personal life at the risk as well as safety of organizations. In case, the data center fails, they have to face the substantial revenue loss, damaging the IT infrastructure.

Risks of data center failure in natural disasters -

The statistic of this is terrifying. Each company that is operating data center is not properly prepared for natural disaster; however, heavy storms, cyclones, flooding and earthquakes is increasing gradually. Failure of data center could result in –

Massive revenue loss
Loss of the essential data (customer data, patents) of the company
Website functionalities’ collapse
Failure of business’ productive systems (for instance, mail systems, CRM, ERP, servers)

Ways to protect data center from natural disasters –

Regular backups are imperative in order to make sure that complete data is not lost in the emergencies. However, redundant data is of no worth unless you possess systems as well as applications to access the same. It means apart from the backup of data, it is quite necessary to have IT backup for the productive systems to deal with the natural disasters.

We at ComputeHost adopt different steps to prevent natural disaster risks. Some of them include –

We possess Data Recovery Systems at our non-seismic zones – Noida and Jaipur
Our server racks are placed on the removable structures, if earthquake strikes, these can be removed independently
Our data centers are established following the international measures and are earthquake resistant
F5 Tornado resistant’ building that are capable of tolerating the winds more than 300 mph
Our data centers are situated on the higher ground in order to prevent flood threat
Also, we have integrated the fire-fighting systems in order to protect the data centers from fire-break.

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