According to the reports of February 2018, WordPress powers around 30 percent of the sites across the world and it is big number. The WordPress begun as blogging platform and today it is competing for becoming the best CMS. If you are searching for an ideal blogging platform, then it is recommended to opt for WordPress hosting in India or worldwide. WordPress blogging platform is used by most of the professional bloggers. Now, you can possess a blog powered by WordPress within 10 minutes. Here are some of the facts about the WordPress that you cannot afford to ignore. Take a look.

1. WordPress Support

For newbies as well as for professionals, WordPress provides a lot of support. The support forum of WordPress comes as easiest way of getting all required support. Furthermore, most of the users are already using WordPress platform so they and google search can help you in finding the answers that you are searching for.

2. WordPress Plugins and Themes

Whenever a new blog started, the major concern of the people is blog' design. To start with the WordPress themes and plugins, there are a few ways as explained below -

-- Hire a designer for WordPress theme
-- Purchase Premium Theme
-- Then, download the free WordPress theme

Preferably, many people opt for cheap WordPress hosting plan and it is advisable to go for paid ones, due to the support. Numerous theme marketplace are already there for WordPress from which you may download your favorite WordPress theme. Moreover, utilizing Freelance websites can help you in finding most developers and designers, who want to redesign them at affordable price.

3. WordPress as Static Website

In case, you want to make static website, then you can trust the WordPress. It is updated occasionally and provides improved results. Having the WordPress' static website will help in enhancing ranking in the search engine as well as better SEO. In the previous months, most of the clients who have shifted from the static HTML sites to WordPress witnessed an improvement in the ranking. WordPress plugins supports in optimizing the dashboard and on-site SEO that makes easy to do the changes as well as do updating for non-technical peers. In addition, WordPress Hosting in India or other parts of the world provides simple ways of integrating the social media on the website. Also, it is predicted that social media will completely change the SEO market in the near future.

Irrespective of the platform utilized by you, ensure that you must take benefit of Digg, Google+, Twitter and FB in order to make the blog popular.

4. It is SEO-friendly

In WordPress, you need not to worry about SEO as it is by default SEO-friendly than various blogging platforms. However, you can utilize some of the recommended SEO plugins to improve the WordPress blog SEO.

5. Trustworthy

For becoming a good blogger, you should gain respect and trust of the audience. Besides, you can avail hosting services from ComputeHost (a renowned web hosting provider) as it is trusted partner of thousands of customers.

6. Monetization

When you have become successful in finding the reliable as well as cheap WordPress hosting plan, then you can efficiently avail best WordPress hosting services. If you want to do it on your own, you can contact the private advertisers to increase the potential and make money. Most of the advertising networks not entertain the bloggers or sub-domain hosted website. Furthermore, ad networks such as Propeller Ads and Google AdSense have launched the dedicated plugins for the WordPress blog.

Although, there are a few advantages of WordPress hosting; however, there are also some of the disadvantages of WordPress if you do not know about it properly. So, in such a case, you can avail best-in-class WordPress hosting services from reputable ComputeHost and build a better SEO and good ranking in the search engine.