If you have made a decision of running your own website, so probably you will be looking for buying web hosting. This might be difficult for beginners. So, there are “n” number of terms which they need to know. If you are a beginner too, then VPS is one term which you will hear many times. 

Fret not! We have prepared a guide which will tell you what is VPS hosting and how it could be helpful for your business. Read on!

What is VPS - Virtual Private Server?
Let’s begin with the definition of VPS. 

In simple words, server is an influential computer which stores all files and data which will prepare your site. When someone ssearches for the domain name in the web browser that serves up with the powerful computer to your website on the screen of the searcher.

Virtual Private Server utilizes virtualization technology in order to divide that one server in the various virtual servers. It is a single piece of the physical hardware which functions similar to other separate servers. Private means that the virtual server is entirely reserved for you and you don’t need to share CPU, RAM, or other data with any other user. 

In order to properly understand how the VPS works, it is necessary to get acquainted with a few basics of hosting. Here is a breakdown of differences in between VPS, dedicated, and shared hosting. 

1. Shared Hosting
It is the commonly used web hosting form which works fine for most of the website owners. With shared hosting account, you have to share the key resources such as hard disk storage space, RAM, and CPU with other site owners. So let us make correspondence of understanding the concept easily. 

You can think of shared hosting as an apartment complex in which all are rented apartments by other site owners. Similar to the files of website, all you require a living place; however going out to purchase a big home might be expensive for the needs. Therefore, sharing utilities and areas in the block of apartment helps in keeping the cost down. Same goes with the shared hosting. In addition, your panel can easily navigate since many web hosts maintain and pre-configure the server for the shared clients.

2. Dedicated Hosting
Opposite to shared hosting, dedicated hosting doesn’t pool resources with another site owners. Dedicatedly, you get one system which is entirely reserved for the website.  

This might sound great to you, but the catch is dedicated hosting is quite much expensive; however, you get 100% access over the resources and also customize the software as per your needs. This hosting package is ideal for the websites which has robust technical requirements. For instance, it could be best for you when –

  • You are receiving a huge amount of traffic per day
  • You have to install the OS
  • Handling numerous financial transactions 
  • Your site needs custom software

3. VPS Hosting
It sits squarely in between dedicated and shared hosting. When you select VPS hosting, there will be some other sites hosted on same hardware as of yours. 

However, in this hosting method, your site is only domain which is allocated to a specific virtual compartment. This means you get your OS, scalable RAM, dedicated storage, unlimited bandwidth and powerful CPU. 

Way Forward 
Well, you not pat on your back as you are not anymore VPS beginner! In case, your site has started to lure attention of the people, then you must want the performance in order to keep the pace. This means that now you need to increase the resources of your website by upgrading it. ComputeHost is a best VPS hosting provider in India. So you can opt for this renowned hosting provider and avail the benefits of VPS without making heavy expenses on dedicated hosting.