After deciding to go for VPS hosting service one has to deal with a complex issue of selecting an operating system for VPS hosting such as Linux and Windows OS. This is because a VPS runs on its own operating system.

In order to understand which operating system would be the most ideal in a given situation, it would be prudent to understand some highlights of Virtual Private Server and these two amazing operating systems individually.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server is an isolated slice of a large standalone main server with its own operating system and well defined set of allocated resources. Practically, a VPS behaves like a dedicated server and offers an isolated environment for greater control, flexibility, configurability, and security.

VPS is regarded for better performance and security than shared hosting. VPS is an independent server by itself and therefore it enables unrestricted access to the operating system and freedom to install virtually any software that is compatible with the operating system. Hence choosing a right operating system is one the most important as­pects of VPS hosting.

Linux VPS server hosting

Linux is open source operating system based on UNIX. It is extensively used for hosting web servers including shared, VPS, and dedicated servers. The most important attribute of Linux OS is the LAMP stack that underlines the blend of software and server related technologies that are open source. This makes Linux hosting one of the most optimized solutions in terms of cost effectiveness.

Choosing Linux VPS or Windows VPS

The server side programming language used by Linux operating system is PHP. It is highly regarded for producing dynamic web pages that are highly responsive. Another commonly used programming language for Linux is Python that uses common words instead of symbols.

Linux OS facilitates viewing draft modifications before the change can be made permanent.  Linux relies on MySQL as its database and is one of the most sought after databases that enable high end search functionalities.

Linux VPS is a better choice in terms of choice of control panels. Although Plesk control panel is suitable for both Linux as well as Windows OS, only Linux supports the most popular cPanel. This attribute of Linux is the most important differentiating factors that encourage users to go for Linux VPS instead of Windows VPS.

Absence of resource intensive Graphic User Interface makes Linux OS significantly more lightweight than Windows OS.

In terms of security Linux shows no mercy to bugs and similar issues due to its open source profile. On the other hand, users of Windows OS are supposed to deploy a large array of security scripts for dealing with SQL attacks and so forth.

Linux OS, being free and open source kernel is easy on the purse as well. This also implies that majority of Linux supportive server applications are also open source and free.

Windows VPS Hosting

If you are using a Windows OS for VPS hosting, then you are backed by sound experience of Microsoft in the realm of operating platforms for server hosting. This is due to the fact that Microsoft has been pumping in large amounts of funds for development and maintenance of Windows operating systems over couple of years.

Users of Windows VPS are assured of regular and fast updates, a reliable customer service, and sound support for queries related to software.

Windows has been exclusively used in many organizations to the extent that most of the enterprises prefer to work in Windows only environment. It offers seamless compatibility while data transfer to and from the server without any concerns about matching data with different databases.

Windows offers consistency of terms, tabs, and icons while designing interfaces to enhance user experience and simplify server management. From the administration point of view, Windows OS provides greater flexibility of offering tailored solutions to suit varied business needs. Users can access a plethora of functionalities, updates, and customizable settings to design unique and purpose oriented websites.

For businesses that are going to run websites built by using ASP or ASP.NET framework it would be prudent to go for Windows operating system for enhanced and optimum performance. Windows OS also offers a better access to Remote Desktop functionality for ease of server operations from anywhere.

Although Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL can work with Linux, their performance with Windows OS is better since these are native to Windows. In addition, if you plan to use several Windows based applications, then a Windows VPS would be a better bet.


Linux VPS hosting is ideal for businesses that are looking to get the best value for their money. If you have enough of technical expertise to manage server control via SSH, then Linux VPS would be the right option.

If your business processes rely heavily on applications based on Microsoft, then a Windows VPS would suit your purpose. As far as the cost of hosting goes, I may vary from one service provider to other. However, a Linux VPS would prove to be a more economical choice in most of the cases.

Considering all the points mentioned above, you may be in a better position to understand various pros and cons of both VPS options. It would be safe to state that Linux VPS hosting may be a better option in most of the situations. Final selection depends entirely on your judgment and suitability of a particular operating system with programs, applications, and software solutions used by your business.